Insignia Gems


About Us

Welcome to Insignia Gems. We are located at the scenic seashore in Narragansett, Rhode Island. The New England shoreline represents our American Heritage. In the spirit of freedom our forefathers set sail to this New England shore in search of a greater opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness Their courageous and independence spirit can still be felt as you walk along these beaches or sail the sea. It is this spirit that was the inspiration for our American flag jewelry line.

Only the finest quality gemstones are used in each handcrafted piece. The fighting spirit is reflected in Red Jasper for Valor, White Mother of Pearl for Hope, Blue Lapis for Justice and the stars represent Liberty.

Insignia Gems believes every individual has a unique spirit just waiting to Shine. Our gemstone jewelry is designed to reflect your inner brilliance and courageous spirit.

Show your patriotic spirit by giving our American Flag pins as a thank you gift at your next political fundraiser or big corporate event.

Insignia Gems is the retail website for Bevlyn Creations. With over 23 years experience in the jewelry industry, we are known for our product quality and reliable service at gift shops all around our Nation’s capital. This is the original gemstone flag pin currently being worn by members the U.S. Senate and Congress, State Governors and members of the media.